Sandalwood Landscaping for the Environment


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The sandalwood trees are the national asset.The sandalwood are growing in India in large scale.Now it has spread out to some other countries.Nearly 25 varieties are availiable in india. Generaly the sandalwood tree is a very fine spice in arboriculture because its called three in one and very precious wood in the world.It has aroma,medicinal value and divine tree.

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sandalwood sapling sandalwood sapling

Santalum Album Line (Sandal wood) is commonly known as Chandan, Srigandha. Naturally grown sandal wood can find in Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra, Kerala, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and U.P. Manipura and in some other states. Chandan is known all over the world as East Indian sandal wood and is prized for its quality of oil and heart wood. Chandana is also considered as medicinal plant and is used on large scale in the manufacture of Ayurvedic Medicines. National Medicinal Plant Board, govt.of India had recognized as a Medicinal and Aromatic Plant. This is endangered species too.

Sandal wood is an evergreen tree attaining a Height of 12 to 15 Meter and girth of 100 to 200cms. At breast height. It is semi –root parasite plant found in association with other plants.
There are many varieties in sandal wood. The best variety is known to till (Santalum Album line).


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